How do I get a quote?

Simply follow these steps:

1. Choose the door pattern you like

2. Choose the colour/wood effect you like

3. Measure your doors and draw fronts

4. Measure your exposed panels if required


How to get the quote to us

• Send us an email that includes your sizes and we will quote you on a new set of doors which is ready to fit.

• Fill-in the email contact-us form here

• Phone us on 083 600 0073

• Download our order form (downloads section), fill in and send back to us with your complete cutting list, pattern and required colour. Homeowners usually get this from a carpenter or fitter.

• Login or sign up on InstaQuote*

*If you’re a person who is going to buy regularly:

Register with us for Insta-quote, after you’re approved we will give you access to produce your own quotes online. 24/7.


Why use wrapped doors and panels?

It is the only economic option for shaped/patterned doors except for solid wood which is prohibitively expensive. In addition:

• More choice: Wrapped MDF has a huge variety of colours +-400 compared to the 50/60 in melamine/chipboard in South Africa.

• MDF slab doors (no pattern) does not show a glue line like edged melamine slab doors because the foil is wrapped over the edges. This is generally the first choice option in modern high gloss kitchens.

• Available in various thicknesses (12mm, 16mm, 19mm, 22mm and even 30mm)

• The quality and density is much higher in MDF vs Melamine/chipboard substrates


What is a wrapped door or panel?

A wrap part (door, panel etc.) is made of Supawood that is covered with pvc sheet that comes in a huge variety of colours. How is it made?

• We cut and shape MDF to our customer’s size and pattern specification.

• The parts are then sanded and finished

• Heat activated glue is then sprayed onto the surfaces where the foil must be wrapped onto

• The glue is left to dry. Once dry it is sanded again to get a smooth finish

• The doors are packed alongside each other in a vacuum press. We then cover the doors with the required foil. The press heats up the foil and glue, after which we apply vacuum to pull the foil snugly onto and over the doors and into the pattern profiles. Similar to covering something snugly with a blanket.

• The doors are then trimmed, washed and packed, ready for shipping.  


How to clean and care for Wrapped Doors

Maintenance, Cleaning and Care of Wrapped Cupboard doors

• Cleaning and general care

     - Wipe with mild dishwashing soap. Avoid pouring water onto the doors, and the use of excessively wet cloths

     - Wipe cooking splashes immediately, they are easier to clean when wet

     - Use soft lint free cloth to clean and wipe dry immediately

     - DO NOT use steel wool, sand paper, abrasive sponges, commercial cleaning materials, scouring pads

     - DO NOT apply or clean with any Acids or Ammonia based products. 

     - DO NOT use thinners, turps/turpentine, petrol, alcohol, bleach, acetone or furniture oils

• Keep excessive heat away from doors, panels and edging:

     - Pull high heat items like your toaster or kettle out from under wall cupboards when in use

     - Turn your kettle around so that steam projects away from cabinets

     - If you have cupboards installed directly above the stove, always install a cooker hood / extractor 

• Keep doors away from excessive moisture/ standing water

     - Wipe water or liquid spills off the surface of the doors immediately

     - Never allow the doors to be immersed or in direct contact with standing water/liquid as this will cause the wood to absorb the water resulting in the wrap warping off the wood

     - Frequently check for water leakages in sink and vanity cupboards

• Avoid striking the doors with heavy or sharp objects

• Keep door knobs, handles and drawer runners securely fastened

• Check the hinges are properly installed, fully engaged and clipped in

     - Over time hinges and screws can work loose, take the time to tighten up the screws if you notice they are getting loose. Consider checking the fittings every 6 months.

     - When screws are loosely fitted they easily tear out damaging the cabinet and door.

• Children (And Adults) climbing or leaning on doors or handles will damage and break the doors and fittings. Draws, Doors and Door handles and knobs are not steps for climbing up. 

• Always close draws and doors when not in use. Walking into a door or over-extending the doors may lead to injury to persons and damage of the hinges and doors

• Never force a door to open further than the hinges would allow.

• Avoid slamming doors and draws. Avoid leaving doors and draws open in windy areas.

How to do a quick kitchen revamp or re-face at a fraction of replacement cost?

Replacing the cupboard doors and draw fronts will have an enormous impact on your kitchen’s look and feel. Quite often the kitchen cupboards (carcasses) themselves are in good condition and don’t need to be replaced, but the doors are tired, worn or outdated. Simply getting new doors and exposed panels for your kitchen cabinets is an inexpensive way to freshen up and revamp your kitchen for a completely new look. If you keep to a colour roughly the same as your existing kitchen you don’t even have to worry about the existing edging or exposed panels. Some customers opt to go for a modern mixed colour look.

Simply follow these steps:

• Choose the door pattern you like

• Choose the colour/wood effect you like

• Measure your doors and draw fronts

• Measure your exposed panels if required

• Send us an email that includes your sizes and we will quote you on a new set of doors which is ready to fit.

Your kitchen will look fresh and renewed with little cost and low effort.

What does SA WRAP supply?

We are specialists in the manufacture and supply of Wrapped MDF (Supawood) Cupboard doors and panels in almost any size, shape or thickness, a complete service and product. This means that we can supply

• Complete doors, panels and accessories, wrapped, edged and hinge holes drilled when required.

• Almost any wrap colour or pattern on the market

• Apart from our wide range of door patterns, we can copy/match any existing door pattern with our advanced CNC machining systems. 

• Raw Supawood/MDF doors and panels for paint techniques

• We are set-up for custom sizes but don’t need to charge higher prices just because each door is a different size or non-standard


We DON’T SUPPLY the actual cupboards/carcasses. 

We supply all the doors, drawer fronts and “colour” or exposed parts of a cupboard. In other words, when the doors are closed – we supply all the parts you can see, excluding the handles and knobs and hardware.


We DO ALSO supply fancy extra’s like

• Wine rack fronts and inners

• Wine rack slotted shelves for strength and attractiveness

• Roller shutter cabinet Doors

• Lattices

• Vented doors

• Engraving on doors chosen from our wide range of designs

• Cornices & Lightscreens

• Wrapped finishing strips (quarter rounds and cover strips)

• Kicker Boards

• Exposed panels with patterns to match doors

• Valence and trim panels

• Farm-style grooved pillars and rosette filler panels

And various other trims that give a kitchen that extra touch

Why is SA WRAP known for being a reliable supplier?

• We run two identical production lines, which means that if one should fail we can still get your job done on time

• We have TWO back-up generators, in case of power cuts or cable theft

• Our machines are regularly maintained 

• We use good quality machinery from Europe, with a track record of reliability

• We carry a large amount of stock, and buy in bulk from reputable suppliers.

• We have a strict 6-point quality system in place for EVERY job


From years of hard won experience we understand the importance of a supply relationship where customers can rely on our:

• Accurate lead times

• quality, 

• proper planning and 

• on-time shipping 


So that we can ensure minimal:

• on-site disruption and unnecessary stresses, 

• leading to drawn out installations, possible penalties and late or drawn out projects and late payments from customers

Why buy from SA WRAP?

• Lead times on time-in time- every time, we keep our promises

• Workmanship guarantee, no nonsense replacement

• Large Variety of designs

• Constant development of innovative and new wrap products

• Value add services

     a. Stable door cutting (separate upper and lower patterns on a single door)

     b. Stack door wrapping (doors are wrapped with a continuous grain pattern)

     c. Stack door cutting (drawer stack is manufactured to look like a single door)

• Unique variety of products:

     a. vented CNC doors

     b. 3D engraving on doors

     c. Picture frame cottage doors

     d. Range of Farm-style kitchen accessories

     e. Variety of cottage glass type doors (multiple cut-outs on one door)

• Superior packaging incl for couriers

• Large variety of colours and patterns

• CNC capabilities

     a. Ability to match existing designs

     b. Cutting of custom designs and panels (website link)

• Wrapping of panels and backboards to match all our available colours

• Can wrap large format doors (2660mm) and panels (2700mm) 

• Wrapped on edging for panels which is attractive and eliminates visible glue lines


Which is better for Kitchen Cupboard doors, MDF or Chipboard?

• MDF because its more moisture resistant and dense and hence stronger than chipboard. In fact architects and kitchen designers prefer MDF at the coastal areas where humidity is high.

• MDF/Supawood doors are more attractive. MDF (also known as Supawood) can be routered, carved and machined. This means edges can be smooth and rounded or edged in a variety of attractive ways. Chipboard and chipboard with melamine has to be a square / 90 degree edge and it cannot be carved.

• Availability in various thicknesses as opposed to melamine’s 16mm

MDF doors are far more affordable than solid wood doors and MDF can be carved and worked like solid doors at a fraction of the price.


Who do you supply? What type of people buy from SA WRAP

• Fitters, carpenters and kitchen manufacturers

• The informal market, “one man shows” / small cash businesses

• Developers, complexes

• Handymen and insurance claims

• Resellers and cut & edge shops

• Shopfitting

• Parts for Furniture manufacturing

• DIY market

• New units

• Refacing or remodelling market

• Caravan & motorhome replacement doors

What is a wrapped door (Thermofoil cupboard door)?

• It is a thermal process where PVC foil is wrapped onto MDF or Supawood. During the thermal (heated) process we utilize semi-rigid thermofoils and heat activated glue/adhesive to mould the 3D foils onto a pre-shaped (CNC’d) door or panel with the assistance of vacuum. 

• This process is not similar or comparable to car wrapping.

• Most cupboard doors you encounter in homes across Southern Africa will be either chipboard with melamine or wrapped Supawood/MDF doors.

• This process can only be applied to doors and panels, not existing cabinets. 

• CNC cutting of doors, panels and cabinetry related finishing products

• Doors, panels, lightscreens, scotias/ cornices. 


How to measure kitchen doors for replacement
Why is SA Wrap a market leader?

Because we get these things right:

• Ongoing reliability, excellence in service and quality

• Our unique free usage InstaQuote web quoting and ordering system

     - Allowing you to edit, change and save quotes

     - Convert quotes to orders at the click of a button

     - Available 24/7

     - Accurate quotes and costing

     - Mark-up function for your customers

     - Cutting admin lead times for quotes and orders to a minimum 

• Constant Innovation and development in the areas of:

     - New Products

     - New Door Patterns

     - Value add to our customers

Can I re-wrap my existing cupboard or cupboard doors

No, the thermofoil wrap that we use to manufacture cabinetry and furniture parts with is designed to last for the functional lifetime of cabinetry; it is therefore not similar or comparable to the materials used to wrap vehicles with for example. Our process can only accommodate flat furniture parts, like panels and doors. during the process we have to heat the parts to approx. 110 deg Celsius for the glue to work properly and the foil to (thermoform) be moulded into the shape and pattern of the door.


Do you ship to my country?

We supply to countries in Southern Africa (for example Botswana, Namibia, Mozambique, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Swaziland and further afield). While we don’t ship directly to these countries, we are happy to deliver to your shipping agent /courier company, so they can facilitate the cross-border processes. Many of our cross-border customers operate like this.

When will my order ship?

We complete our work within 5-7 working days. Thereafter you or your courier company can collect the day after completion. Orders that are being delivered on our trucks are subject to the next delivery scheduled to your area. – Please contact us if you need to know on exactly which day you will get your order. 

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