Cabinet Doors to Suit Your Kitchen Style

Vinyl wrap doors are so popular these day’s they are hard to beat due to the large variety of patterns and colours. As a shaped door with or without a pattern on the door face the only other options available on the market are painted supawood and solid wood doors. A very durable product commonly used to create a modern yet simple and elegant look, best is they are easy to keep clean and good looking because they do not scratch as easily as paint and/or varnish.

Vacuum-sealed or Vinyl-wrap doors are made with a substrate as per a painted door with a few exceptions. These doors are made by coating the mdf or supawood substrate with heat activated glue, once the vinyl and heat is applied to the surface of the doors, the vinyl is drawn into the shape of the supawood substrate by high pressure vacuum suction. Vinyls are available in a large range of colours and are fairly robust. They are greatly improved from when they were first introduced onto the market. As with most things, fashion dictates colours which are added and deleted from our ranges of products so the re-making of a door is dependent upon material availability. Wrap doors are continuously used and specified by designers, architects, cabinet shops, home owners, shop fitters, furniture manufacturers, caravan and camper manufacturers. When purchasing doors for your kitchen cabinets consider using Vinyl wrap doors. For years the cabinet and furniture industry has enjoyed the benefits of this product.  A wide selection of colors and styles available.   Hang your doors the day you get them.   No finishing required.
Photo Courtesy of kitchendoorworkshop

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