1.1. Are ex factory (delivery at extra cost.)

1.2. All prices are as per our current price list or as per individual agreement.

1.3. Price increase are subject to change without prior notice.


Lead Times

2.1. Usually 5 - 7 Working days following the date of order (lead times may vary depending on total orders received, changes in orders and availability of stock from suppliers)

2.2. Although SA Wrap Pretoria (Pty) Ltd will strive to deliver ordered goods 5 to 7 working days following the date of order, SA Wrap Pretoria (Pty) Ltd have no control over external factors and will not be held liable for any damages suffered due to the late delivery.

2.3. Lead times apply only to customers that are up to date with their payments, accounts and deposit payments.


Ownership of Goods

3.1. Goods remain the property of SA Wrap Pretoria (Pty) Ltd until paid for in full.

3.2. SA Wrap Pretoria (Pty) Ltd retains the right to dispose of goods, not paid for in full and/or collected, within 6 months after execution of an order. 


Orders, Changes & Cancellations

4.1. Extras or add-ons to previous jobs must be specified as such, accompanied by a sample (preferably), ref.-, invoice- or order no and date.

4.2. A “small order levy” or minimum charge will apply to all orders smaller than 4.2 square M.

4.3. The responsibility lies with the customer to confirm whether a fax or e-mail order has been delivered to SA Wrap.

4.4. Only signed orders, faxed, or e-mailed, together with a delivery and read receipt, will be accepted as an official order.

4.5. Changes and/or cancellations will only be accepted 24 hours after placing an order, thereafter the customer will be held responsible for the full invoice value and additional costs incurred. a Minimum cancellation fee/admin charge of 10% will apply to cancellations.

4.6. Failure by the customer to respond in time to rectify incorrect details on the quotation, order or parts list will be interpreted as a correct order and will be executed as such.

4.7. SA Wrap reserves the right to cancel any job or production order, at any given time, at its own discretion, and refund any deposits that may have been paid by the customer.


Quality & Delivery

5.1. The customer is responsible to check for correctness, quality and quantity on acceptance of goods.

5.2. Any shortages and or defects must be indicated, in writing, on the Invoice or proof of delivery (POD), by the customer.

5.3. No claims will be accepted once a P.O.D. (proof of delivery) has been signed acknowledging acceptance of goods. 

5.4. Goods will not be delivered without a signed P.O.D.  

5.5. The signature of the client or any of his/her representatives on the invoice shall be prima facie proof of proper delivery.

5.6. All goods will be delivered on a scheduled route unless otherwise agreed.

5.7. Goods scheduled to be dispatched via courier will be deemed as delivered on collection of said goods.


Replacement of Goods

6.1.  In the event where goods has to be replaced for whatever reason, SA Wrap Pretoria (Pty) Ltd will not be held responsible for any additional costs, claims or consequential costs unless specifically agreed to in writing by SA Wrap Pretoria (Pty) Ltd and the customer.

6.2. In the event where goods are replaced, the original goods will be returned to SA Wrap Pretoria (Pty) Ltd within 7 days after replacement of the product. Said goods will be returned in the same condition as when originally delivered, failing which the customer accepts ownership and will be held responsible for payment of these goods.



7.1. C.O.D. sales; a deposit of 50% will be required on placement of an order, balance strictly pre-delivery or pre-dispatch.

7.2. Account sales; No job will be placed into production unless payment reflects in our account or an up to date, signed and approved credit application agreement is in place.

7.3. Orders smaller than R5 000 will be payable in full on placement of an order.

7.4. For the purpose of any legal proceedings against the customer for non-payment, the latter consents to the jurisdiction of the magistrate’s court on acceptance of the quotation, but SA Wrap Pretoria (Pty) Ltd reserves the right to institute action in the high court of South Africa. In the event of legal proceedings against the customer, the latter shall be liable to pay all costs on an attorney-client scale as well as administration, tracing and collection costs.

7.5. The onus of proof of payment will be on the customer.


Risk & Claims

8.1. All risks pertaining to the goods shall pass to the customer on collection, on dispatch, or in case of delivery, delivery to the delivery address.

8.2. Claims for patent and latent defects shall only be considered should such claims be made in writing and submitted to SA Wrap Pretoria (Pty) Ltd within seven (7) days after execution of an order.

8.3. SA Wrap Pretoria (Pty) Ltd will not remanufacture, or be held liable for any colour differences in foil where goods were ordered on different dates, or manufactured in different batches. 



9.1. No variation of, additions to, or waiver of these terms and conditions on the part of either party will be of force or effect, unless reduced to writing and signed by, or on behalf of, both SA Wrap Pretoria (Pty) Ltd and the customer.

9.2. SA Wrap Pretoria (Pty) Ltd will not be held responsible or alternatively accept responsibility for any additional costs, claims or consequential costs unless specifically agreed to in writing by SA Wrap Pretoria (Pty) Ltd and the customer.

9.3. SA Wrap Pretoria (Pty) Ltd reserves the right to change these terms and conditions of business at any given time, without prior notice.

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